Skye Photoshoot | Chris and Erin

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Chris and Erin had been married back home in Washington and were planning a trip to Scotland. Having contacted me I knew they were going to Skye and so we chatted via email and decided what and where would be best for a three hour booking on Skye. A quick trip to Fairy Glen near Uig, up to the Quirang and over to Storr Lochs had the three hours set. Chris is also a wedding photographer back home in Washington…not a bad one either!

It’s dry, but by heck it’s windy and cold! Off we go for a couples post wedding/trip to Skye photoshoot. Sneak peeks below. Congrats again guys and it was a pleasure spending a few hours with you, safe trip as you continue through Scotland.

chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-2 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-4 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-6 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-14 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-22 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-31 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-35 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-37 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-41 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-43 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-56 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-62 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-67 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-70 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-76 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-80 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-81 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-85 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-100 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-102 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-105 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-116 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-117 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-123 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-130 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-135 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-138 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-142 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-143 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-154 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-166 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-167 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-173 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-177 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-183 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-187 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-189 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-193 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-195 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-202 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-213 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-222 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-228 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-235 chris-and-erin-isle-of-skye-238

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