Loch Coruisk Isle of Skye Wedding Photography | Steph and Dave

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It’s over to Skye for the Loch Coruisk wedding of Steph and Dave who had travelled up from Somerset for their elopement wedding. Weather is looking a little wet to say the least on the East coast as I leave Beauly. In fact wet is an understatement, it’s torrential rain all the way into Kyle of Lochalsh. We’ve moved the time of the wedding forward two hours on the advice of Misty Isle Boat Trips and Mary’s Cottages

A three hour booking for a lovely couple who enjoyed everything about their wedding which Steph managed to organise in two days! That’s some doing when you’re at the other end of the country.

Landscape, some sun and some wind all came together to ensure a lovely wedding. These are a few random sneak peek’s from the day whilst I got through all of the images.

Congratulations again.

Transport by Misty Isle Boat Trips
Ceremony by Heart and Soul Ceremonies (aka Sonya)
Hair and Makeup by Skye Beauty (aka Lynn)
Accommodation by Mary’s Cottages (aka the thatched ones)

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